After eleven years of running LoHi Athletic club in Denver, Colorado, Jim and Dave have decided to move out of ownership roles.


Hello LoHi Athletic club family!

After eleven years of running the club we would like to announce that we have decided to move out of our ownership roles. Originally, we started looking to transition in January of 2020, but then covid hit, and we wanted to help the club survive, and provide a safe workout facility for the neighborhood. After the ups and downs of covid and its multiple waves, we feel the worst is behind us, and we are ready to shepherd the club to a new operating team.

We found a new owner and sold the club at the beginning of this month. We have known Mike for almost a year now, as he came to understand the club and its current operations, and have been training him for the past month, so all of you would have an uninterrupted experience, and our club will stay in the neighborhood for years to come. He will look to make some small improvements over the next year, but wants to keep the heart of the gym intact.

Dave and I will still be in the club and neighborhood and look forward to seeing you. It was a pleasure to operate the gym for the best members anyone could ask for. Thanks for all the years you helped motivate us to do our workouts and stay active. We will miss everyone. Thanks for everything!