LoHi trainer, Will Goodwin, from  Denver, Colorado, gives shows you how to achieve explosive jump power.

Build Explosive Jump Power

Want to Build More Explosive Jump Power?

Our Trainer Will Goodwin Gives You A Leg Up On Your Competition!

Beyond Lunges- Skater Squats

“The skater squat is one of my favorite single leg movements for the lower body.

You can think of them as a progression of the reverse lunge, requiring more skill and balance. In my opinion they are also much more fun.

Both lunges and skater squats have numerous benefits but three distinct ones come to mind.

      Low Back Friendly.
      Carryover to Sport.
      Effective leg and glute mass/strength builder.

To work towards the skater squat I have demoed three exercises.

      Reverse Lunge- Get good at these, ensure the front leg is doing most of the work.
      Feet Assisted Skated Squat- The back leg still provides assistance but tucking the toes under reduces the push off. Eventually trying to have almost no weight on the back foot.
      Skater Squat- Only the back knee lightly touches the floor. The front leg is doing all of the work here.

To increase difficulty of any of these variations either add range of motion, stand on a small height, or add load, hold weight at the chest or by the sides.


Trainer, LoHi Athletic Club

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