Personal Trainer

Katy Mendes Personal Trainer at LoHi Athletic Club in Denver, Colorado

Katy Mendes

Personal Trainer

Your body will go as far as your mind can push it.

Katy Mendes firmly believes your body will go as far as your mind can push it. As a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 16 years, and massage therapist for 15 years, she helps clients fulfill their personal training and general health goals. As an ultra- distance runner, Katy has trained aspiring marathon runners as well as collegiate athletes, recreational athletes, and individuals seeking improvements in overall health and fitness. She specializes in helping clients improve strength and mobility, increase stamina and energy, and change their overall attitude towards health. She is a firm believer in proper technique.

Katy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Performance with a focus in Athletic Training from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. In addition, she holds a Baccalaureate in Social Economics from France. As well as being a personal trainer, she is also a Certified Massage Therapist and Johnny G. Spinning Instructor. Katy enjoys caring for her son, trail running, road biking, hiking, and working out. She has run many ultra races, from 50K to 100 milers, in addition to half marathons and marathons. Her most significant achievements are completing the famous Leadville Trail 100 and running the Boston Marathon. A Portuguese native, she loves to travel, experience new cultures and keep her language skills sharp (she speaks English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish).