Personal Trainer

Arabella Hare Personal Trainer at LoHi Athletic Club in Denver, Colorado

Arabella Hare

Personal Trainer

I want to share my passion for fitness with others

I like to eat, therefore I work out! Growing up in a household that enjoyed food led me to overeat as a child. But thanks to a nutrition class and Jazzercise, I learned how to eat and discovered that I liked to exercise, and lost 30 pounds! I found I wanted to share my passion for fitness with others, so in 2000, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and have been loving it ever since! Considering that nutrition is often the most difficult (and critical) factor in reaching one's fitness goals, I decided to further my education and understanding by getting both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Nutrition from San Diego State University. The knowledge gained allows me to properly teach you not only how to eat for your goal, but how to enjoy it as well!

My goal in any fitness program is for you to not only see awesome results, but to have fun in doing so! I love adding a variety of exercises to my workout programs in order to help shock your system and avoid plateaus. I have multiple Personal Training certifications, as well as a Master's degree in Exercise (also from San Diego State), so no matter your goal, I have the knowledge to help you achieve it. So let's get to it!

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