For July, LoHi Athletic Club in Denver, Colorado is offering no enrollment fees and 1 personal training session with new memberships.

July 2022 Membership Special

Is there still time to get in Summer shape? ABS-olutely!

While the time it takes to see visible results varies from person to person, the effects on how you feel and perform in the gym can be noticed within just a few weeks.

Want more energy to power your summer adventures? One 12 week study of 38 participants in a 2013 study published in Perceptual Motor Skills found that all the participants demonstrated a 15% increase in aerobic power performing intermittent sprinting workouts over the course of the study.

Trying to get jacked? If muscle hypertrophy is your goal, according to Len Kravitz, PhD from the University of New Mexico, it takes approximately 16 workouts to achieve results. This means hitting the gym just twice a week for strength training can hit the mark in just 8 weeks.

Looking to slim down a bit? Fat loss is primarily a function of calories in and calories burned, so finding a routine you can stay consistent with is as important as watching what you eat. Consistently hitting the gym and maintaining your routine can result in losing a few pounds per week, and the added energy you’ll have will make it easier to ramp up over time.

Obviously, everyone’s body is different and many factors can affect progress, such as age, diet, how often you sleep, and lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption. Working with a personal trainer can help tailor your fitness regimen to your specific goals and needs, whether it’s weight loss, better cardio, packing on slabs of muscle, or sport-specific conditioning.

With that in mind, we want to help you reach your goals as fast as possible!

For the month of July, we’re waiving enrollment fees and to help you stay motivated we’re including 1 personal training session with new memberships. You also get unlimited HIIT & Yoga classes, plus 24/7 keycard access so you can workout when it fits your schedule, right here in the heart of Denver’s Lower Highlands neighborhood!

Claim your Day Pass and visit the gym today. You’ll meet our friendly staff, and you can get a workout on our top-of the line equipment, check out our clean locker rooms, and see for yourself why we’re ranked A+ among Denver Gyms. Act now, because a deal this good won’t last forever.

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