For May 2022, LoHi Athletic Club in Denver, Colorado is waiving enrollment fees including 1 complimentary Personal Training session!

May 2022 Membership Special

Swing In For Summer Specials!

Mid-May means we’re rapidly approaching summer, but there’s still time to flex that summer bod in 2022!

Swing in today and check out the gym- did you know we’ve got kettlebells?
You’ve probably seen them, but do you know why we like to include them in our workout routines? Here’s our top 3 reasons:

Anaerobics: You can get a great workout that will help condition both your muscles and your cardio simultaneously. Get more done in less time, build muscle, burn fat, and boost cardio? That’s what we call a win!

Full-Body Workout Compatible: Once you’ve chosen the appropriate weights amounts, you can work your entire body performing the correct series of movements. As a bonus, it also builds functional strength for everyday life and improves joint mobility because of the compound movement nature of many kettlebell exercises. Run faster, jump higher, lift more, climb things more easily, improve grip strength, the hits just keep coming.

Portability: When you’re traveling, the places you stay might not have a gym close by. Owning even one appropriately sized kettlebell makes taking the gym with you a lot simpler. Their compact size and versatility make them handy fitness tools for people with on-the-go lifestyles.

Want to know more about training with kettlebells?
Working with a personal trainer is a great option when choosing the appropriate weights and learning how to perform the movements correctly. They can assess where you’re at and help put together a training regimen that will have you in summer shape in no time, so you can maximize your time outside this summer!

For the month of May, we’re waiving enrollment fees, and including 1 complimentary Personal Training session for new members, and we’ve got some of the best personal trainers in denver!

PLUS members get unlimited HIIT & Yoga classes and 24/7 keycard access so you can get fit on your schedule.

Swing by the gym, check out our top-of-the-line equipment, meet our friendly staff, check out our clean locker rooms, and you can even get in a workout.

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