About Us

LoHi Athletic club is a premier fitness center & gym
in Denver, Colorado

It’s the right time, right place to get fit. No more excuses!

With LoHi Athletic Club, you get everything you want. A new, friendly fitness facility. The only locally owned, non-corporate club in the Highlands. State-of-the-art equipment and unlimited classes. Denver’s best fitness experts inspiring you achieve your goals. With everything you want, you’ve got no more excuses!

Top of the line
Fitness Equipment

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Fitness Equipment

We have the most advanced fitness equipment on the market today.

Variety of Cardio

Treadmills, recumbent and upright bikes, crosstrainers, stairsteppers, etc.

Strength Training

Resistance-training equipment and free weights


Personal viewing screens on cardio equipment and smart phone and iPod connectivity to watch movies, listen to music and – with the Nike Plus app you can track your fitness progress!

Team Members

Skilled. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. And inspiring you to excel.

Katy Mendes

Personal Trainer

JoAnna Cordell

Yoga Instructor

Will Goodwin

Personal Trainer

Julie Simbric

Personal Trainer

Rachel Green

Personal Trainer